Acai-Antioxidant Restoring Moisturizer

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OP Acai Antioxidant Restoring Moisturizer.jpg

Acai-Antioxidant Restoring Moisturizer


15 ml

◊ Restores dry skin
◊ Reduces fine lines
◊ Softens wrinkles
◊ Promotes thicker, firmer skin
◊ Protects from UV damage
◊ Prevents aging & skin damage
◊ For dry skin, especially good for maturing dry skin

◊ Use morning and night for best results. Apply after cleansing or exfoliating, or after misting or applying the Pomegranate-Vitamin C Serum. For a lighter application, blend 2 pumps of oil with 2-4 pumps of Lavender-Neroli Toning Mist in your palm and apply together. The oil may also be blended with the serum.

Herb-infused oil (*Sunflower oil, *Acai, *Goji berry; *Gotu kola, *Gingko, *Green tea, *Rooibos, *Rosemary, *Milk thistle, *Helichrysum; *Plantain, *Calendula); *Avocado oil; *Rosehip seed oil; *Pomegranate oil; *Acai oil; *Carrot seed oil; *Pumpkin seed oil; *Red raspberry oil; *Cranberry seed oil; *Chia seed oil; *Blueberry seed oil; Vitamin E; *Schisandra ext; *Black cumin oil; *Rosehip ext; *Buriti fruit oil; *Vetiver oil; Sandalwood oil; Rose abs; Frankincense oil; *Rosemary ext

*Wildcrafted or Organic

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