A dietary and nutrition review is essential with your initial consultation followed by a nourishing Facial using  calming, soothing  and cooling  botanical herbs and extracts.  Your skin will feel and look less inflamed, hydrated and happy!  By following a suggested anti-inflammatory diet and proper skin care this condition can begin to turn around resulting in a more balanced body and calm non-reactive skin.



90 minutes


We sometimes experience certain conditions with our skin that makes us feel self-conscious. Primarily due to stress, lifestyle changes, environment/sun exposure, hormone fluctuations and/or other circumstances our skin can develop a certain wear and tear factor that we wish we could alleviate. Through natural and non-invasive methods designed for your skin, specialized treatments are created to repair many of these imperfections. Although imperfections are part of our beauty, sometimes a minor correction can make a world of difference in how we see our Self.


$85 - $175

60 - 75  minutes


By the use of gentle to moderate manual exfoliation using active enzymes and a unique polishing technique the skin is then infused with hydrating herbal distillates, aloe, deeply penetrating blue/green algae peptides and phytoplankton followed by rich herb infused oils for an complete restoration from dehydrated skin.   Your skin will be transformed by the multi-layers of this hydrating and moisturizing system.  


$65 - $85

60 - 90 minutes  


Chlorophyll, fruit and plant enzymes as well as probiotics are used in this multi-layered detoxifying facial. Deep pore cleansing is performed as well as an antibacterial/antimicrobial treatment followed by Oxygen, completing a total Detox and re-balancing for the skin. Dietary suggestions are given for continued support of the body for optimum results.  



60 - 90 minutes


This mini facial is an excellent quick reboot.  This treatment will leave your skin smooth, oxygenated and radiantly glowing. Skin polishing treatment followed with "Oxygen" for hydration and antioxidant support. No down time and ready to go! 



40 minutes


Oxygen is a vehicle which can deliver vital nutrients deeply into the dermal layers.  Using oxygen and a blend of essential vitamins, plant peptides and minerals your skin is deeply hydrated, healed and soothed.  This treatment is great for sluggish tired skin, damaged from sun, smoking or the environment.  This treatment  finishes with superior high level anti-oxidant rich herb infused oils leaving the skin remarkably improved. 



45 minutes


Teen facials are always customized for each teen based on their particular needs.  Consulting with teens is essential to help guide them to a more balanced diet along with stress relief suggestions to help with hormone fluctuations and inner anxiety many teens experience.  This along with specific skin care recommendations and specific treatments can help balance the moderate to severe break outs teens often experience helping to restore their confidence.


$65 - $75

60 - 75 minutes