alive + ageless skincare

OM PUR Alive & Ageless Skincare is the sister line to ISUN Skincare. OM PUR has been created with the same wonderful organic and wild crafted herb infused oils, plants and extracts that your skin loves and yearns for. OM PUR is especially unique for it's simplicity, purity and affordability. This sweet, gentle skin care line has nature dancing in every bottle. OM PUR is full of restorative and regenerating nutrients from pure plant life allowing the skin to receive optimum nourishment resulting in fresh, healthy, glowing skin.  

Wild-crafted ingredients grown in their natural environments are the most energetically alive and nutrient-rich of all organic ingredients. Their overall integrity is superior and for this reason, wild-crafted ingredients are the first choice for OM PUR skin care products. Organic & cultivated certified organic ingredients is the next choice. Wild crafted and organic plants have a powerful life-force energy with regenerating nutrients that are in harmony with nature creating inner harmony and balance.  

Living plants that are not harmed by chemicals or denatured by heat are brimming with energy and pure vitality. OM PUR contains 100% pure, clean, wild-crafted, organic and natural ingredients and is completely free of any harmful additives with no chemicals, fillers, stabilizers or any another undesirable ingredients that are commonly found in skin care products. OM PUR bathes your skin in pure wholesomeness and feeds your cells with purity. OM PUR complete face and body products you can count on, created with PUR ingredients and PUR love.