In the Treatment Room  

All ISUN Skincare treatments are customized uniquely for you

Your skin is an alive, beautiful, intelligent organ that responds to a loving healing touch and alive nourishing products. Using exclusively ISUN Skincare, we address issues such as inflammation, sun damage/ hyper-pigmentation, dehydrated skin, dull appearance, fine lines, aging, blemishes, oily or sensitive skin for adults and teens are carefully addressed. 

All treatments restore moisture infusing the skin with concentrated nutrients, feed the cells with oxygen, remove and detoxify accumulated congestion, reduce inflammation, support lymphatic drainage and improve tone and texture. Deep relaxation occurs using beautiful aromas of pure essential oil blends and Ayurvedic techniques that greatly reduce stress and tension. You will experience a full transformation of body-mind restfulness along with translucent glowing skin!


Service Options

SHERI BAILEY • Phone: 970.901.8080

60 Minute Custom Treatment  $70

75 Minute Custom Treatment  $85

90 Minute Custom Treatment  $95 (Includes Oxygen)

All consultations are complimentary.  Gift certificates are available upon request. Please call to book an appointment.