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Welcome and thank you for visiting my site. Here is a little info about my journey, my passion and my intention...

My current journey with ISUN Skincare is one of deep love and gratitude! My involvement stems from the early days when ISUN was in the creation process, sharing in the inspiration and joy with the founder and creator of ISUN, Bunnie Gulick. As an esthetician for 30 years now, half of my aesthetic career has been devoted to using ISUN Skincare in my practice as well as working in the ISUN laboratory making these extraordinary products. Along with offering ISUN treatments in my studio, I am on staff with ISUN as a trainer and educator to other estheticians who work in spas and resorts around the world. My knowledge of ISUN products is extensive as I have worked on literally thousands of faces in my career and have personally witnessed so many women turn from frustration to elation using ISUN Skincare!

My aesthetic career began in the early 90’s as a medical Esthetician in Scottsdale Arizona. As I felt a deep desire to focus more in the field of holistic skincare and healing, I began studying extensively in natural skincare therapies, restorative treatments and ongoing continuing education in integrative nutrition and advanced skincare. 

My awareness was invariably focused on the progression of skincare and it's emerging nutritional application and anti-aging science. This opened me to a greater understanding of the energetic connection of body/mind/soul, deepening my understanding of energy medicine, Ayurveda, meditation, breathing techniques, living whole foods, plants and their intrinsic functions as this all supports complete harmony within. 

As my knowledge deepened, so did my passion for working more consciously with energetically alive, organic and wild-crafted skincare products that can offer the highest potential of healing on multiple levels.

I have been working with ISUN Skincare for over 15 years now. These products are uniquely formulated and can create a powerful healing effect on the body/mind supporting a more peaceful, centered and calm state of being. When in this state of peace, joy is felt, hearts open and compassion becomes the natural way.  This has been my life's work and it is my greatest joy and celebration being in service to help others achieve a more balanced life.

I openly share all that I know of how to support a life of inner peace and joy, to live life with an open heart and how to deepen your experience and connection with your pure Divine Self, your "Inner Essence".

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Esthetician, Holistic Skincare