My skin feels so much more supple with ISUN skincare products. I have had too much sun over the years, and these products have made my face more hydrated, reducing fine lines and helping age spots to fade. A few drops go a long way! The consciousness that goes into the creating of these products, along with the high quality of ingredients used, make them an excellent choice for any skin type. If you are able to receive a facial from Sheri, be prepared for a transformative experience! The love and presence Sheri brings to her work is indeed spectacular! Her heart is in her hands!
— Shannon M, Boulder, CO
A session with Sheri is much more than an amazing facial! She spends time explaining how diet, stresses and life style choices affect the health of the body and the skin - her wisdom is always hugely beneficial to me. I am so grateful Sheri started me using ISUN products, they have been an immense support for aging skin - just as Sheri has been a great support to me.
— PJK, Ridgway, CO
Sheri is an exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced esthetician. Working with her goes far beyond her ability to create beauty and radiant health for you. She has a depth that instills a state of peace and well-being within you that grows each time you connect. You can’t find higher quality skin care products or ingredients than those created and used by ISUN. Sheri Bailey and ISUN are the best self-care investment you can make!!
— Carol, Ridgway, CO
Dear Sheri, I wanted to write and let you know how wonderful the ISUN products have been for me. You recommended I start using three of the products, Emerald Sun Hydrosol, Phyto Infusion I and Ultra Restore Moisturizer. Shortly thereafter I started receiving comments from friends and acquaintances regarding my skin. “It’s glowing so beautifully” they said. I also noticed a transformation in the texture and appearance. My skin has become vibrant and translucent looking. I am a 57 year old woman who has lived in Telluride, Colorado (altitude 8700 feet) for 30 years. My skin should look like an old shoe, but it does not. I am convinced that the beautiful radiance of my skin has to do with my recent use of the ISUN products you recommended. Thank you so much for all your help with my skin!!!
— Beth H., Telluride, CO
A facial with Sheri is nothing short of bliss and joy. Her competent and experienced hands in tandem with the superior quality ISUN products nourish and repair my sun-aged skin exquisitely. It is a gift to be in her presence personally and professionally!
— Colleen Gardner, Ridgway, CO
I am so excited to recommend Sheri and ISUN products! My face feels so fresh and alive!! I truly look forward to washing and moisturizing every day because it feels and looks so much better than it used to. When I turned 50 I had resigned myself to old lady skin - rough, dry, age spots and then I started using ISUN and all that changed. Even my husband noticed a difference right away. Everything about my visits with Sheri are relaxing and positive. She works to find the right products for your skin and budget. She has helped me (and my daughters) so much! I am truly more happy in my own skin. Thank you, Sheri!
— Elizabeth Dickerson, Ridgway, CO